Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ahhh FIBERglass....

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CESC FABREGAS last night insisted he would NEVER join a club purely for the money.

The Arsenal skipper almost left for his beloved Barcelona this summer but was finally persuaded to stay by boss Arsene Wenger.

And at the end of a week dominated by the Wayne Rooney saga, Gunners fans know it will not be too long before Fabregas is engulfed by more transfer rumours.

But the Spanish midfielder, 23, fit to face moneybags Manchester City tomorrow after a hamstring injury, vowed: "I would never join a club solely for money - that would be one of the last points on my agenda.

"I love the game. I want to win things and would only want to play for a club that has ambition, a desire to compete and the ability to win trophies.

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