Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harapkan Penan, PENAN Makan PENAN

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MIRI, 26 SEPTEMBER, 2010: A police report has been lodged against a Penan headman and two other men for allegedly withdrawing without consent a government compensation payment of about RM200,000 supposedly for former Long Wat villagers near the Murum hydroelectric project in Belaga.

Dasar mengisi tembolok sendiri..thee he he

Masing2 orang susah, tengok la kebajikan kaum sendiri..thee he he

Bukan kapur duit kaum sendiri..thee he he

Nak kapur, pergi kapur duit Taib Mahmud..thee he he

9 generasi Penan makan tak habis..thee he he

Ini yg dikapur RM200,000.. bukan byk mana ..thee he he

Beli ikan masin.. beli Carlsberg joli sana sini.. 2 minggu habis la duit tu

Kalau nak bangang, panjat la pokok dan berbanganglah sorang2 atas pokok..thee hehe he

Kecewa Bruno Manser.

Patrick Tinggang Wan, one of the claimants for the compensation, lodged the report at the Miri Central Police Station here today.

Speaking to reporters here, he claimed that the headman along with the other two men, who were also former Long Wat villagers, had opened a joint-account to receive the compensation without the knowledge of other villagers.

He alleged that he had learnt that part of the money that had been withdrawn had been used up by the trio for personal expenses.

In his report, Tinggang also asked the police to freeze the joint-account of the trio pending the completion of investigation.

Tinggang also claimed that the former Long Wat villagers, who had now set up a new settlement under a similar name in the Baram district, were accorded rights to be compensated by the government for ancestral lands that they had left behind near Murum, Belaga.

He said the ancestral lands also served as burial grounds for their ancestors and the compensation was meant to assist them to carry out the traditional spirit appeasing ceremony before they could shift the remains elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Miri OCPD ACP Jamaluddin Ibrahim, when contacted, confirmed the report but said the matter would be referred to the Baram Police District.

-- Bernama

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