Sunday, August 8, 2010


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GARY LINEKER reckons Manchester United's ageing stars may find the Premier League title out of their reach.

He said: "Rio Ferdinand is seemingly on his last legs, Ryan Giggs can't go on for ever, Paul Scholes can't go on for ever, Gary Neville can't go on for ever.

Aaaaah... "you win nothing with kids".. remember?

"History shows Sir Alex Ferguson's transitional phases don't usually last very long. But financially, where are they? They haven't spent a lot of money. Will they improve massively on last season? Unlikely."

Lineker thinks Chelsea are worthy favourites but fancies Arsenal to mount a more sustained challenge than last season. He said: "I've got a sneaky feeling for Arsenal. If they come up with a top goalkeeper, they will have a chance."

One of the most fascinating plotlines of the season is sure to be the Manchester City campaign. And Lineker said: "Can City win the league this season? I rather doubt it.

"But if they keep spending money like they are doing, it will happen eventually."

And he is not sure Liverpool can cope with the pressure.

He explained: "Roy Hodgson is a top manager but can he turn round that sort of deficit? Unlikely, I would have thought.

"If you look at their squad, have they got enough to challenge for the title? Steven Gerrard is a great player but about 30 now, Carragher is getting towards the end of his career, Fernando Torres is a wonderful player but a little bit injury-prone. Can they rely on him playing 38 games? I would think not.

"And after that, they've got a few ok players - the Dirk Kuyts etc.

"Hodgson will get them organised and I'm convinced they will do better than last season but I can't see them challenging."

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