Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HEALTH Pun Kena Declare Sama

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Ku Li is all for ministers to declare their wealth


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2: Former Finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (left) has thrown his weight behind a proposal by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for ministers to declare their assets publicly, describing it as one of "the best statements" by the Commission thus far.

Lantak korang lah, nak declare tak declare..theee he he. Declare pun 1Malaya bukan dapat apa2..bukan boleh menumpang pun..

Tapi 'health' kena lah declare..thee he he penting untuk 1Malaya merancang..

Kalau pembuluh darah sana sini dah tersumbat, bagitau la..declare. Kalau selama ni dok menelan pil biru tigasegi pun declare lah jugak ..thee he he heee

Bukan apa, rakyat 1Malaya ingin tumpang gembira kalau2 ada yang dah nyawa2 ikan..Boleh tolong doakan 'pergi jalan' cepat2...theee he he

Boleh buat p/raya kecil.. boleh pesta-pestaan.. boleh menangguk..boleh meniaga air mineral ..thee he he hee

Lagi pun, bukan senang nak tengok anak badak live in action. 

"I applaud the call by the chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Abu Kassim Mohamad for members of the cabinet to declare their assets publicly. This is one of the best statements from the MACC so far,” he said in a blog posting.

Abu Kassim was reported as saying that declaration of assets was vital not only for Cabinet but the judiciary as well in a bid to appease an increasingly sceptical citizenry.

Razaleigh pointed out the lavish lifestyles of some cabinet members which have set the public questioning their sources of income.

The veteran UMNO leader also rebutted Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein’s statement who claimed it was sufficient to declare his assets annually to the Prime Minister alone, saying ministers’ assets were not private matter.

“It is not the Prime Minister’s money that we are talking about,” he stressed.

Ku Li said corruption has become institutionalised in the political system to the extent that Malaysians from all walks of life would not believe their leaders were free of bribery.

“They know that corruption is so widespread that it has become a 'normal' practice, keeping their incomes low and stunting their children’s future,” wrote Razaleigh, also known as Ku Li.

He said the suggestion by MACC would help improve public perception of the Commission as a toothless body.

“Nobody is going to believe that members of the cabinet are above corruption, let alone serious about addressing the problem, if they refuse to declare their assets,” he warned, adding that former Ministers should also make public their wealth.

Earlier, PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim said the idea would not be implemented, and recalled that it was shot down during Abdullah Badawi’s tenure following stiff opposition from senior ministers.

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