Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chair=Bangku, Man=Orang tua, Part TWO

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Published: Thursday August 5, The Star

Chairman Part 1

Bankrupt Felda accusation ploy to fish for votes, says Yusof Noor

KUALA TERENGGANU Bernama: Claims by some irresponsible people that Felda was bankrupt, was aimed at fishing votes from settlers, said Felda chairman Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor.

Pakatan kata Felda dah bengkrap..

Kalau Pakatan menipu, saman la bilion-bilion..thee he he heeee

Saman la, lekas la saman.. 

Atuk ni bukak mulut pasal Tanjung Leman pala bana hapa..thee he he

Makcik Felda tak mau tau kat Tanjung Leman ada berapa ribu bilik..Makcik Felda tak tau pun Tanjung Leman kat mana..thee he heee

Tanjung Leman tu kat sebelah kampung Chairman ke..?

Mohd Yusof said due to the irresponsible accusations, Felda had to explain the actual status to foreign business partners.

"We had to explain the matter to our business partners in India, Pakistan, China, South Africa and United States because they were concerned with such news," he told reporters.

He added that such claims were baseless accusations because Felda was among the best agencies when compared with other organizations.

"The management does not see a recession in Felda's income. Average income from Felda's main business sectors, plantation and other ventures that contribute towards income, remains strong.

"I wish to reiterate that Felda has not been affected, instead we are getting stronger in terms of business and reputation," he said.

Mohd Yusof said the opening of a Felda Residence in Tanjung Leman, Johor, at a cost of RM32 million in December would also add credence to the fact that Felda has the financial muscle.

"The residence has 100 rooms and can fill 320 guests. It costs money. If we don't have the money, how can we build this. We are not building such facilities for fun but to provide job opportunities for Felda settlers," he said.

He added that such baseless accusations by irresponsible people may have an adverse effect on Felda's business overseas.

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