Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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China shipped 100mil condoms for World Cup

Although the China football team did not make it to the World Cup, the country has somehow connected to this international sport event.

Just before the kickoff of World Cup 2010, more than 100 million China-made condoms were exported to South Africa, Beijing-based Legal Evening News reported.

Not only this, the official match ball - Jabulani - and the vuvuzelas were all made in China.

China's export of condoms to South Africa in 2010 reached a total number of 106.5 million from January to May, said Qin Xiaolun - deputy secretary-general of the latex branch of the China Rubber Industry Association.

However, all the exported China-made condoms were labeled 'Choice'- a foreign condom brand, which kept the Chinese manufacturers unknown to South African consumers.

Britain aided South Africa with 42 million condoms and Federation International Football Association (FIFA) united with local health organizations to hand out free condoms in public areas of host cities.
Source: China Daily

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