Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ini Lagi Melantun LANTUN

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Alex Ferguson said: "Pasai apa? Awat?? Awat bodo melantun lantun?"

Islamic authorities have no plans to issue an edict banning Manchester United jerseys in Malaysia despite recent tabloid reports that Muslims have been urged not to wear the Premier League club's shirts because the emblem features a devil.

Cakap dolak dalik.. sekejap boleh, esok tak boleh, hari ni SELARAS, esok tak boleh SELARAS..thee he he

Ini mufti ka tok peti? ..thee he he

Habis 1Malaya kalau mufti macam ni..

Hari ini confirm raya, tup tup tarik balik..thee he he

Kalau dah HARAM..haram la, mana boleh jadi HARAMSANASINI..

Kalau HARUS..tetap harus, mana boleh jadi HARUSSANASSINI..thee he he heeee he eh he hee

"We just advise people not to wear this," he told The Associated Press on Friday. "Satan is for us our enemy ... It's the wrong value. Satan is always bad."

His clarification follows domestic and international news reports which claimed that Manchester United jerseys and uniforms of other international teams and clubs had been banned for Muslims in Malaysia.

The Manchester United emblem features a red devil holding a trident and the club is sometimes referred to as the Red Devils.

Harussani said other clerics shared his opinion but they didn't plan to pass any edict to ban the attire either. He said many football fans were unaware of the image on the emblem.

Manchester United is among the most widely supported football clubs in Malaysia, where a tabloid report of the ban on the jerseys failed to cause a stir. - AP

Published July 23 2010

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