Friday, May 21, 2010

PROTONG Terus Maju, Utk Rakyat Msia

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Protong Iswara model terlaris PROTONG of all time. Simple tapi serbaguna.

Protong Iswara bercium dgn lori.

Protong Iswara & sebijik lori berebut tiang api.

Protong Iswara kene SONTOT dgn lori!!!!..glug..glug..

BEIJING: Chinese manufacturer Geely plans to unveil a budget city car which would cost less to buy than the upcoming Indian-made Tata Nano. The new Geely IG would sell for around US$2,250 (RM7,308) when it goes on sale in China in 2012. That compares to an asking price of between US$2,700 and US$3,800 for the Nano in India.

Protong dah lama dah buat kereta murah untuk rakyat jelata..thee he he
Tata ka tutu ka, Geely ka Geli ka.. mana tau apa lagi time tu, but Protong is always one step ahead..thee he he
Protong dah lama menawarkan kereta murah gila babi untuk jelata..kalau Protong Iswara tu boleh dibeli dgn harga RM8,000-00 shj..
Tapi tak ikut skrip..thee he he kabel berselirat atas belakang Protong..itu pasal harga Protong Iswara sekarang murah sikit dari harga Merc '99 di Zimbabwe..thee he he he

Following production hiccups, the new mini from Tata is expected to hit Indian streets in 2011.

The basis of the new Chinese runabout is the flamboyant Geely IG showcar, recently shown in Beijing. However, the new model will not share that concept's innovative, upwardly-hinged "gull-wing" doors.

Geely, which recently bought Swedish marque Volvo from Ford, says its new subcompact will also be built to a higher quality standard than the Nano.

The four-seat mini is likely to be powered by a one-litre petrol engine generating 70 horsepower and mated to a five-speed gearbox.

Geely has pencilled in an electric version using a lithium-ion battery, but this is unlikely to materialise until 2015.

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