Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Ferris Wheel

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What is the correct meaning of ‘civilization’? Anyone?

Just because the whites are wiping their sorry pale bottoms with toilet paper after every visit to the loo while we use water to wash our brown/black bottoms, the whites has every right to say that they are civilized while we are not?

Well, the whites can lick their sorry pale bottoms dry...

What is fun to us may not amuse the others. What is taste so good to the whites, but smells like faeces to us, like those cheese-with-maggot-inside as an example.

So if the Pakistanis like their Ferris wheel that way, then let it be. Who are those rich-but-stupid Dubais to say that they are more civilized because Dubai Eye stands 200 meters?

~ libanglibu

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