Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Negeri Perak Paling Kurang Orang Gila

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Lu orang mana Dol?

Kelantan mcm mana boleh ranking no. 3 ni?


Sabah & KL, tak ada sapa pelik. Tapi Kelantan?
Kelantan no. 3?


Itu belum lagi dibanci mengikut lebai/tak lebai, songkok/ketayap atau walaon/non-walaon.


Monday, November 20, 2017

China Passion & Malaysia 'Syiok Sendiri' Plan

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An article written by ex Ambassador of Malaysia to China. A very good essay. Worth your time to read through.

I lived in Beijing from 1979 to 1981 as a diplomat and was back in China again earlier this month to attend a meeting. The pace of change in China is simply staggering.

When I first arrived in the country, China had no middle class. According to some economists, its wages were just above that of sub-Saharan Africa.

Most people lived in mud brick shacks and there were as many bicycles as there were people. Vegetables like cabbage were brought from the communes when available and dumped by the truckloads on the roadside; the smell of rotting cabbage was everywhere.

Deng Xiaoping, the paramount leader of China from 1978 till his retirement in 1989, was one of the most remarkable leaders I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He saw what many of his more ideologically inclined colleagues were too blind to see - that if a way could be found to release the industriousness, creativity and ingenuity of the Chinese people, there would be no stopping China’s rise to greatness. In my view, that was his greatest contribution to China.

And he set about changing China through the Four Modernisations policy. It was a big deal then, much the same way as One Belt One Road (OBOR) project is today.

Less than four decades after I first arrived in Beijing, the city is not just a world-class capital city, it is the capital of the world.

The millions of bicycles that once filled the streets of Beijing are gone, replaced by millions of cars both foreign and locally-made.

In the week that I was there for my recent meeting, China’s first locally-built aircraft carrier began sea trials while its first locally-built passenger plane took its maiden voyage.

Almost everything - airports, roads, mass transit systems, telecommunications - is new and more advanced than anything anywhere else. The old ‘hutongs’ (alleys) are all but gone, replaced by dazzling high-rise condos, shopping malls, stadiums, coffee bars and fabulously expensive restaurants filled not by expatriates but by locals.

Except for the famous historical landmarks, very little remains of the Beijing I first encountered in 1979.

Impatient to fulfil its destiny

The mindset shift is also striking. The people I talked to were confident about their future and proud of what had been accomplished. They were anxious to get the best education, learn new experiences, discover new business opportunities, seek ways to exploit new technologies, and were ready to move to the other side of the world if necessary in pursuit of their aspirations.

As a nation, there is an eagerness to be the best and the greatest, to climb the highest, go the furthest, to build the biggest, fastest and most advanced. It doesn’t take long for visitors to sense that this is a nation on the move, impatient to fulfil its manifest destiny as possibly the greatest nation in the world.

Above all else, it is the strategic thinking and planning behind almost everything that is China today that is impressive. A country like China does not rise that high that fast by happenstance but by careful planning, thoughtful implementation and dogged determination. It seems that when China settles upon a strategy, it pursues it with uncommon passion.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that never in the history of human civilisation has any nation been able to make such a technological, economic and social leap forward in such a short span of time as China.

That is the China that we must deal with and we better be up to the challenge if we are not to share the fate of lambs headed to the slaughterhouse.

It is not to suggest that China is evil or necessarily intent on subjugation; it’s just that the sheer asymmetry of its power and prowess automatically puts other nations at a huge disadvantage.

As I walked around Beijing in awe, I couldn’t help reflecting on our own nation’s journey over the last 35 years or so. In many ways, witnessing China’s exponential rise to greatness also forces us to come to terms with our own performance, our own vulnerabilities and shortcomings. It is a depressing exercise to say the least.

During then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s visit to China in November 1985, for example, a few Proton Saga were given to a Beijing taxi company as part of the effort to gain publicity for the recently launched Malaysian-made car. Admiring crowds gathered around the Proton wherever it was displayed, astonished that a small developing country like Malaysia could produce its own cars. It was a proud moment for those of us who were there.

Some 37 years later, here we are desperately looking to China to rescue Proton from total collapse. In 1985, China produced about 6,000 cars annually; by 2008, China’s annual production had surpassed that of the United States and Japan combined.

Time and again, we seem to have squandered the lead we had through corruption, mismanagement and misguided policies or wasted resources on hair-brained schemes. Worst of all, we never seem to learn anything from our follies because we keep repeating them.

Unproductive, self-defeating exercise

While China was taking giant strides forward with its Four Modernisations programme, we were arguing over language, race and religion. Instead of building a world-class system of education, we were politicising it and pretending that just calling our universities great would make it so. While other countries were going out of their way to attract the best minds in the world, we were driving them away with bigotry and prejudice.

While China’s leaders were experimenting with ways to release the creativity, ingenuity and industriousness of all its people, our leaders were stifling it with discriminatory programmes and self-defeating policies.

Even now, when countries like China are focused on technological innovation and strategising how to seize global leadership, we are obsessed with religious laws, what people wear or who’s sleeping with whom, never mind that all these things do absolutely nothing to improve our productivity, enhance our competitiveness or prepare us for the challenges ahead.

Of course, we have our great plans - Vision 2020 and now TN2050 - but we have neither the patience nor the determination of China to do whatever is necessary to bring it to fruition. In the end, it’s all just hype, a “syiok sendiri” exercise, and we know it.

To be sure, Malaysia has made impressive advances as well but surely it is far less than what could have been achieved when measured against our potential.

How do we face external challenges and an increasingly competitive global environment with so much internal baggage? If we cannot get our act together, if we cannot exorcise the demons within, how can we ever hope to face the dragon without?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Brunei Rugi Besar

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Ramai yg tak tahu, disebalik kemewahan & kemakmuran yg dikecapi rakyat Brunei sekarang ini, rupa-rupanya mereka sedang rugi besar.

Mereka rugi ya amat besar kerana tidak menyertai Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dulu.

Sekarang mereka cemburu ya amat terhadap kemudah2an yg dinikmati rakyat Msia seperti:

1. Kemudahan dalam bentuk Brunei bukan saja akan di kenakan cukai utk hasil minyak, malah 95% hasil minyak akan pergi ke Pusat. Tinggal 5% untuk Brunei. Kahkahkah!
2. Pendapatan rakyat Brunei mungkin akan sama dengan Sarawak iaitu RM30,000 berbanding dengan sekarang RM62,000 (USD 20,000), adil dan saksama.
3. Rakyat Brunei akan membeli minyak dengan harga yang lebih mahal dari sekarang iaitu RM1.90 seliter utk RON95 berbanding sekarang RM0.90 (B$0.36) Kahkahkah!
4. Rakyat Brunei yang hendak melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat tinggi akan terpaksa meminjam dari PTPTN dan dikenakan Riba. 

5. Sindrom ramai orang luar Brunei yang memegang jawatan tinggi dengan gaji mahal di sektor Minyak dan Gas akan berlaku tanpa ada apa-apa bunyi bantahan dari pemimpin tempatan Brunei. Rakyat Brunei akan di beri jawatan peringkat rendah dgn gaji yang rendah juga.
6. Harga kereta import akan mahal dan rakyat Brunei akan ramai yang terpaksa beli Proton dan Perodua.
7. Jalan antara bandar di Brunei akan menjadi jalan satu lorong untuk sehala yang berombak2 dan berlubang. Dan kebanyakan di tampal pelbagai kali hingga rupanya macam kek lapis Sarawak.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zahid Hamidi Melawat Anwar Ibrahim Pulak Dah

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Mari kita menafsir dan buat-buat pandai menafsir gambar di atas.

Sebelum itu kita kembali ke zaman dahulu, yakni zaman Mahafiraun.

Senarionya sama. Dulu pun Mat Nuar masuk hospital setelah ditinju & dikarate setengah mampus oleh Rahim Noor, tapi sekor habuk tak berani pergi melawat.

Usahkan melawat, nak menangis kasihankan Mat Nuar pun depa tak berani. Cuba-cuba menangis, tapi yg keluar air kencing takutkan Mahafiraun.


Kita kembali ke gambar di atas. Tgk riak muka dua org anak Anwar. Muka-muka ini telah membesar tanpa kasih bapa yg asyik kena penjara. Kompom budak2 tu berzikir, "cepatlah kau berambus baju kuning, cepat berambus, aku lama dah berdiri ni".


Tgk pulak muka bini Zahid yg happy macam masuk fun-fair, ingat Najib suka ke? Ingat Najib tak reti2 ke?

Piirah! Laki kau tak akan jadi PM punya. 


Tgk kelaku Si Zahid, kompom dlm hatinya itu berkata-kata, "nak pegang ke tidak tangan Anwar ni, bukan org lain dia ni dulu boss lama aku".

Tak usah pegang. Nanti keluar pulak cerita ekzos Zahid. Cukup tak senonoh politik Msia ni.


Apa pun, syabas kpd PM & TPM sudi melawat Anwar. Politik ni kena pandai, hari ni kita penaik harga petrol, esok kita melawat Mat Nuar, lusa kompom ramai Melayu bercita-cita nak pangkah HAMNO.


Menteri Afrika Menganjeng Menteri Bumiputera Melayu Islam

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Semasa berucap Di Wilson Center, Washington, Amerika Syarikat beberapa tahun lalu, bekas PM Kenya Raila Amolo Odinga pernah menganjeng-nganjengkan pemimpin bumiputera Melayu Islam Malaysia.


Dulu kita menganjeng-nganjengkan Indonesia, skrg satu dunia menganjeng-nganjengkan Msia.


Di bawah adalah ulasan beliau.


Beliau mengulas dengan sebuah jenaka berkaitan sebuah negara Afrika, yang hanya dirujuknya sebagai 'Negara X'.
Katanya, rombongan dari Negara X diketuai seorang menteri melawat ke Malaysia dan ditunjukkan projek-projek pembangunan oleh menteri kerja raya Malaysia.

Selepas itu menteri Afrika itu dibawa ke rumah menteri Malaysia yang besar, terdapat kolam renang dan lamanya sebesar setengah ekar.

“Dia tanya menteri (Malaysia) itu, 'Macam mana kami dapat semua ini?' Menteri itu bawanya ke beranda dan berkata; 'Nampak jalan di sana?” Lelaki itu kata 'ya'. Dia (menteri Malaysia) jawab, '10 peratus di sini' (rumah),” katanya disambut gelak ketawa orang ramai.

Tidak tamat di situ, Raila menyambung ceritanya, selepas setahun, menteri Malaysia itu membuat lawatan balas ke Negara X dan turut dibawa berjalan-jalan sekitar negara itu dan ditunjukkan projek pembangunan.

Di sebelah petang, kata Raila lagi, menteri Malaysia itu dibawa untuk makan malam di rumah menteri Negara X.
“Dia masuk ke laman. Lamannya sebesar 5 ekar. Bila masuk ke dalam, dia dapati semua perabot diimport dari Eropah, dan banyak benda keemas-emasan. Dia nampak kolam renang bersaiz Olimpik.
“Dia (menteri Malaysia) tanya (menteri Afrika) bagaimana dia dapat semua ini.

“Dia dibawa ke beranda. 'Kamu nampak jalan di sana?'. Menteri Malaysia itu tidak nampak sebarang jalan. Kemudian, dia (menteri Afrika) itu memberitahu, “Seratus peratus di sini (rumah ini).”


Friday, November 17, 2017

Apalah Sangat Anwar Ibrahim

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Kalau YB-YB dari HAMNO tak melawat Mat Nuar, tak ada sapa kisah.

Satu Malaya tahu betapa mereka telah lama mendiami lubang ekzos Saiful BauKari, kalau keluar nanti kena matahari. Panas!


Sekarang mari kita saksikan kot2 ada lebai-lebai yg dikutip Mat Nuar dari bucu-bucu meja, yg sekarang bergelar YB, sudi mencemar sarban 5 kilo utk singgah berziarah.


Sebenarnya, bukan lebai-lebai itu tak hingin ziarah.

Ada beberapa faktor menghalang;

1. ramai sgt pergi, kecoh hospital.
2. kekangan dari pihak penjara.

Juga kerana lebai-lebai ni pun ramai yg dah berumur dan penyakit pun byk dah bersarang dalam badan.

Fobia pergi hospital.

Takut dia yg kena tahan.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Vendor Bumiputera Melayu Islam Di Proton Akan Menumpu Kilang Basikal

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Mereka itu yg kebanyakkannya bumiputera, berpeluang menjadi vendor Proton bukan sebab barang berkualiti, tapi lebih kepada faktor 'si anu kenal si ani'.

Vendor-vendor tak berkualiti yg selama ini mencari makan dgn Proton itu sebenarnya kebanyakkan dari mereka hanya layak menjadi vendor kilang basikal sahaja.

Baguslah kalau kena perambat dgn tauke Cina China. Baru ada akai. Selama ini dok sedap pulas stering Merc, bolehlah pulak merasa nikmat menunggang Kancil. Kahkahkah!


Monday, November 13, 2017

Tak Kena Gaya, Razman Mendapat Akibat Lagi

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Satu lagi saman fitnah menanti Bendahari Pas Pusat

Pengerusi Biro Undang-undang AMANAH (Kanun), Hanipa Maidin memberitahu satu lagi tindakan mahkamah akan dikenakan terhadap Bendahari Pas Pusat, Razman Zakaria berhubung fitnahnya kepada AMANAH.
Menurutnya, saman itu ekoran status Razman berserta poster di Facebook pada 19 Jun 2016 yang mendakwa penubuhan AMANAH khusus untuk orang Melayu sebagai proksi DAP.

Tak kena gaya, Razman Zakaria bakal mendapat akibat lagi.

Sebenarnya, tak perlu susah payah turun naik court.

Perkara saman menyaman seperti ini boleh dielakkan.

Cuba buat macam satu lobai Terengganu yg telah terlepas cakap, kemudian mengambil keputusan memandu Q7 Audi terbaru yg berharga ratusan ribu ringgit itu ke Perlis berjumpa Dr Mohamad Asri dan meminta maaf.

Sampai Perlis beliau disambut mesra, dapat makan murtabak free, pekena kopi O, sembang-sembang lebih kurang dan bila tiba waktu mahu pulang, lobai Terengganu itu telah dipeluk mesra sesama Melayu sesama Islam.


Soalan cepu emas sekarang, sapa nak peluk Razman kalau dia nak bertandang mintak maaf?


Yakinlah, ramai dari Amanah yg sanggup berbuat begitu.
Tak ramai dari Amanah yg poyo-poyo jaga bau serban & jubah macam sesetengah lobai dari PAS (Parti Audivellfireporscherangerover Se-Malaysia).


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Anwar Ibrahim Baru Selesai Menjalani Pembedahan Bahu

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Disalin dari FB Zukri Aksah dan ditempekkan di sini.

Hari ini saya doakan keselamatannya, Anwar Ibrahim dia akan ke bilik bedah dalam operasi yang mengambil masa tiga jam dengan kaedah pembiusan penuh ingat... dia bukan ke situ dari rumah yang penuh dengan keriangan ahli keluarga bukan juga dari kantor yang penuh sapaan mesra rakan sekerja dia ke situ dari penjara ya, dari penjara yang penuh dengan tekanan yang membara dia menyanggupi untuk bertarung nyawa dalam kondisi paling tidak selesa.

Dialah Ketua Umum Pakatan Harapan Pakatan Harapan yang dituduh penyangak Pakatan Harapan yang dikata biawak hidup yang lebih bahaya ALLAHU! siapakah yang tega berkata begitu dari balik serban dan jubah panjang sedepa Anwar Ibrahim inilah yang menyerah diri pada sistem semata-mata mahu membuktikan sistem yang dilawan ini adalah korup zalim dan jahat sudah berapa ramai yang menangguk labadari penyerahan dirinya ini? dia sudah korbankan segalanya ke tahap yang kita rakyat biasa tidak akan mampu membayanginya dari kebebasan hingga kesihatannya apa yang dikejarnya? adakah mahu menyangak kuasa?

GILA sungguh orang yang menuduhnya Sungguh, saya bukan pengkagumnya sejak dari zaman saya bergelar mahasiswa tapi yang membuat saya bangkit juga adalah kerana apa yang diperbuat padanya dari 1998 hingga hampir 20 tahun selepasnya telah menginjak karamah insaniyah dan bila pemimpin tidak lagi menjaga maruah dan keselamatan diri rakyatnya.

Imam Ghazali menitipkan pada saya pemimpin itu tidak lagi layak untuk berada di puncak kuasa! 


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Razman Zakaria Maintain Steady Sihat Walafiat

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PJ Perak masih cargas seperti biasa. Gambar di atas sebagai saksi. Kalah kes dgn Nizar tidak mengapa-apakannya. Perkara kecik sahaja, katanya.


Al fadil Sohibus samahah al ustaz Tuan Guru Razman Zakaria ini aktif orangnya. Mana boleh duduk diam selaku PJ Perak. Tiap2 hari ada program serata Malaya.

Tapi syeikh, sepatutnya yg dahulu, didahulukan. Alangkah molek kalau bayar saman RM200K kpd Nizar dulu, settle semua yg tersangkut.

Bukan apa, ajal maut tak kira tempat & ketika. Tengah sujud pun orang boleh mati.


Durian ni bahaya syeikh, mengandungi kolestrol tinggi, lemak tepu tinggi, ajinomoto dan MSG yg banyak. Bahaya. Ramai dah tergolek dog.

Orang dah berumur, orang ada sejarah sakit jantung kencing manis buah pinggang, batu karang, selsema, batuk kering, gila, sawan, demam kepialu, stroke & macam2 lagilah, baik berawas-awas dalam membaham durian.


Kalau dah settle urusan dgn Nizar, nak makan durian sekali dgn akar-akar pokokya sekali pun tak apa.

Namun begitu, diucapkan syabas kepada Tuan Haji, bak kata pepatah orang putih, "eat now, worry later"

Oh yeah. Kahkahkah!